StorkStand 2.0

StorkStand transforms any chair into a healthy standing desk

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Brilliant and innovative. Didn't know you could hack furniture! Well done StorkStand team!
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Coworker: "Do you even have a standing desk?"
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@goldenhorse13 whats happened since the first StorkStand and how is this one better?
Thanks @bentossell! We've made some exciting improvements this time around - a lot of them came directly from customer suggestions. We've had a lot of requests to increase the size of the desktop to better accommodate large keyboards and mouse setups - as well as give you a little more free space for taking notes, etc. So we have increased the desktop space substantially, as well as made the change to a slip-resistant, eco-friendly bamboo desktop. This is a really high-quality, sustainable bamboo plywood that really looks gorgeous when finished. The desktop comes with durable ABS plastic accents that include a soft-touch finish, as well as improved hardware for added stability. We've taken all we've learned making thousands of StorkStands by hand and are collaborating with some exciting designers who have been able to put a specialized touch on individual components. Finally, we wanted to make this more accessible to teams and freelancers who might be on a budget - so we are offering StorkStand 2 starting at $99. This is half our original retail price. Let me know if you have other questions - happy to help!
This is a brilliant idea-- I've worked in the office furniture vertical for 20 years and this is amazing. Many companies don't want to spend the money on sit stand desks--- the ones from IKEA and the other low end providers at below $400 don't last as I've thrown more of them out for clients in the past year than I can remember. This gives people an option and furthermore a device like this can be used in conference rooms-- no manufacturer has ever addressed sit stand in a conference environment Also by using the chairs up/down you have a simple way to adjust the height Well done
Thank you @workstationw! So grateful to have the support of an expert in the office furniture space like yourself. We have definitely gone through dozens of other solutions ourselves - although there are high quality standing desks out there, they get expensive quickly. We're excited to get something out there that's flexible and affordable for startups and big teams. $99 allows more people to be healthy and that's what we're interested in. Thank you for your comment Bill - always welcome and appreciate feedback!
@goldenhorse13 I'm glad to see somebody finally listening to what people want in our vertical
Can I fit it to my office beanbag?
@sirrawlins I too am interested in this answer... If it can these are THE ANSWER for college.
Haha you definitely can try @sirrawlins. One of our customers recently attached their StorkStand to a shopping cart to use in the grocery store. So anything is possible!
@goldenhorse13 Whaaaaatttt??! That's crazy, and that person needs a vacation.
Haha it was actually part of their job, but I agree with you @im_mimijae!