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Build a better e-commerce business, faster. Without coding. Instantly sell & ship to 130+ countries, no coding or credit card required.
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Hunters, It's been a couple of months since we launched Elliot on Product Hunt. But today I’m excited to launch Storefronts. Storefronts combine the simplicity of our original product Payment Pages, but allows you to launch eCommerce storefronts in seconds without a single line of code, or plugin. Each Storefront comes with a visual builder for you to edit its "look & feel,” custom URLs & SSLs; plus, our one-tap checkout that allows you to accept payments, & ship to 130+ countries instantly. 🚀Additional updates in this release include: - Developer Tools: Production & Test API keys; in addition to, test data for each account - Checkout API: Create Payment Pages & Storefronts via API - Bulk Order Updates: Edit orders & download shipping documents in bulk Product - Meta-data & SEO: Additional data inputs for marketing & product information - QR Codes: Downloadable QR Codes for every Storefront & Payment Page - Flat Rate Shipping: Enable domestic & international flat rate shipping options - Locations: Assign a specific geo-location to a Payment Page or Storefront - Zapier: Grab our official integration on the Zapier App Marketplace - Referral Program: Refer sellers & make 💰on each transaction successfully processed by Elliot For more information visit, or sign-up now, Happy Hunting!
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The ease with which you can get your e-commerce business up and running with Elliot Storefronts is ridiculous. You just create your Storefront, add products to it and they're live! You have a fully blown e-commerce platform for your business. Complete with shipping to 130+ countries, custom-styling options, strong SEO and all the works!!
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Easily the most frictionless e-commerce platform I have ever come across. If this is a sign of things to come, then the future of e-commerce looks very bright.
Thanks @bryant_mccombs & all of your help & support have been instrumental!
We've been a fan, and users, since the first version of their platform. We use Elliot to power our SMS-based flash sales & we're looking forward to now expanding that to Storefronts.
Looks very clean and pleasant to use. Is there a one time purchase price, or is it a rolling licensing fee?
Hi @mariaelekt There's no monthly subscription fee at the moment for our Basic tier. The only cost to use the platform today is a 1% fee, per transaction. For "Enterprise" needs, we are taking feedback & pricing accordingly.
@mariaelekt @sergio_villasenor So if I sell a product using your platform for $100, $99 goes into my pocket?
@mariaelekt @sergio_villasenor @bmiskie I think this sounds about right, thoughy you also have to consider Stripe fees.
@mariaelekt @sergio_villasenor @hiramfromthechi Got its more like 1% + 2.9% + .30 of every transaction..not 1%. And then do they charge a fee when they deposit the money to your bank account?
@mariaelekt @sergio_villasenor @hiramfromthechi and where are some examples I didn't see any on their website of it in action