Your Shopify store on your Mac menubar.

With Storebar you'll see what's happening with your Shopify store right on your menubar. Switch between Sales, Orders and Average order value to get instant updates without going to your Shopify dashboard.
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Looks great :) It may also be handy to have an option to display all the metrics ("today", "last seven days" and "last 30 days") to avoid having to switch between each one constantly. By the way, can I write about Storebar on my site?
@lecoupa Thanks Julien! We wanted to keep it simple on the menubar, especially for smaller screens, but added your feedback to our list. For sure, that'd be awesome, let me know if you need any more information about anything :)
Nicely executed. I'm a sucker for Mac menu bar apps.
@rrhoover same here, thanks! :)
I guess this makes sense in terms of making things easier and more productive by being able to access the menubar easily. I can see this being helpful.
Would be great to have support of 2 stores display :)
@rostyslav_korzhov Hey Rostyslav, thanks for the feedback – supporting multiple stories is definitely on our list of improvements!
I like the idea, just needs support for multiple stores.
@adv Hey Matt, thanks for your feedback – definitely on our list of upcoming improvements!