Stop, Breathe & Think

An emotion-based meditation and mindfulness app

Fiona Carty
  • Fiona Carty
    Fiona Cartydesigner @ boba guys

    UI is cute/helpful, variety of meditations -- all wonderful, emotion check-in recommends helpful meditations, great for beginners.


    Paywall but, it's supporting a good cause and quality content so I can't complain.

    I've used this product since I was 17 (3 years! wow!) I've tried other meditation apps but honestly, I always came back to this one.

    I never thought I could go beyond a 10 minute guided meditation, but now find myself meditating for sometimes even an hour.

    Meditation changed my outlook on life, and has helped tremendously through periods of stress in my life. It's all thanks to this app.

    Fiona Carty has used this product for one year.
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Sarim Haq
Sarim Haq@sarim_haq · AI Whisperer
Amazing UX! Having tried any sessions yet but I am pretty sure it's going to be a hit. 🚀👍👍👍
Anne-Laure Le Cunff
Anne-Laure Le CunffHunter@anthilemoon · Entrepreneur
There are lots of meditation apps out there, but I just started using SBT and I really enjoy the high level of customization, especially how you can track how you feel before and after meditating. If you don't want to install another app on your phone, they also did a great job with the web app.
Julie Campistron
Julie CampistronMakerHiring@julie_campistron · Stop, Breathe & Think
@anthilemoon Thank you so much Anne-Laure! I'm Julie, the CEO of Stop, Breathe & Think. Really appreciate your kind words! We also have a Slack integration and recently launched an app for children. You can see all our products on our site: Thanks again for mentioning us and please send me any feedback you have on the product as you use it more :-)
Juan Felipe Campos
Juan Felipe CamposHiring@juannikin · CEO/Founder NomadApp
Congrats, team! Love your chatbot
Diogo Ferreira
Diogo Ferreira@diogomartf
What's the main diference from apps like Headspace, Inscape, Calm ?
Julie Campistron
Julie CampistronMakerHiring@julie_campistron · Stop, Breathe & Think
@diogomartf Hi Diogo. We have a few unique features: 1/ the ability to check-in with your emotions before and after your practice. Those mood check-ins get recorded and you can track them over time. 2/ for the iOS version (and soon to come on Android), there are non meditation activities like yoga and acupressure, tuned to how you feel. Hope you give it a try and look forward to your feedback!
Ghost Kitty
Ghost Kitty@ghost-kitty-683858
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Richard Hayes
Richard Hayes@richardjjhayes · General SEO
Great work!