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Invest on your terms. Buy stock by the dollar.


Everyone hates the F word- that's right, finance. But Stockpile wants to help you conquer your fear of the market.

Stockpile offers fractional shares so you can invest the amount of money you want without buying a whole share. Are you sure you can afford NOT to invest?

Try it with $5 of free stock!!

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fullstack hacker, co-founded startups.

Stockpile has improved so much over the years! Check out some of the new features like Watchlist in the mobile app.


Fractional shares

Gifting stocks

Accounts for minors

Minimal trading costs


Trade settles at end of the day

CTO of Stockpile.Former Facebook Eng.

Stockpile is the easy and affordable way to start investing for your future. With Stockpile, you can buy fractional shares of ETFs as well as stock in publicly-traded companies. Rather than buying an entire share of stock, you can get just the amount you want. This means you can buy $25 of Amazon stock even though one share costs about $1000.

Stockpile has also invented the world’s first gift card for stock! For the first time ever, you can buy $25, $50, and $100 Stockpile gift cards off the gift card rack at stores like Target, Kroger, and Safeway, or send e-gifts from their app.


Buy blue chip stocks 1000+ companies for any dollar amount,

Gets kids and teens started investing with custodian accounts

learn investing


it does not allow investing on recurring/auto-pilot

Formerly PayPal Labs; startup addict

I've been using Stockpile for about 6 months. I love hearing about some public product launch, thinking, "That'll do well", and then being able to buy stock in that company. It super easy. And the trading fees are totally reasonable at $0.99 per trade.


Buy the _amount_ of stock you want in _dollars_. As much or as little. It's a simple idea whose time has come.


Would love to see them add tax-advantaged accounts soon.

Software Engineer

I went through the whole signup process, and it was only after they presented me with account information fields that I realized I could only input a US ZIP code. This is common with US startups, and it's really frustrating; it's not often they consider signups from outside the country. If it did mention that it was US-only somewhere, it was not obvious.


This looks like a fantastic product


It is not obvious that it is US-only

Community Manager

I love this app! Investing has never been easier.


Easy to use, fun to learn about investing, super low trading fees




I like this app quite a bit


Easy to use


I like it


Stockpile is perfect for people who are looking to diversify their portfolio and buy stock by the dollar. Low monthly fees and the ability to buy stock via PayPal or Apple Pay are huge bonuses.


Fractional shares, able to buy stock by the dollar instead of by the share, fun to learn more about investing, gift cards of stock


Real time trading

VP, Corporate Development

I like getting my non-finance savvy friends into investing by gifting them $5 of free stock so they can learn about investing. If you want to try it out - ping me and Ill give you the code for $5 free stock.


Easy to own stocks by the dollar, not whole share when you cant afford a $990 share of amazon and google stock. And I can invest in Bitcoin!


I want to arrange my stocks in a preferred order since my portfolio is building.


Good product


Simple easy to use and beautiful.


Lower fee

I had to file a litigation and SEC complaint after Stockpile unlawfully locked my account.

E-Mail from security Exchange Comission:

Thank you for contacting the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

On April 30, 2018, we contacted Stockpile on your behalf requesting the firm prepare a written report addressing the issues you raised in your complaint. We want to let you know that Stockpile has recently advised us it will not provide a response to your complaint because of your pending litigation against the firm.

Feel free to call me at 202-551-6327 if you have further questions.


Amy Rosenthal

Investor Assistance Specialist

Office of Investor Education and Advocacy

U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission

(800) 732-0330





Stockpile stole my account


It‘s a Fraud

@lena_u_ they locked my account out of nowhere. It was a really high amount. So far no one is answering my emails or anything. I hope you got your money out. Wish me luck.
Executive of food company

For a stock investing company to not have a help number is a red flag!




No help number.. transferred money and no record of it in Stockpile-no one will answer my emails.. must be a scam.. be careful!