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Haha we all love cringey stock photos - not sure I'd want to wear one though!
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@bentossell Not sure I'd wear one either, but I might buy the handshake one as a gag gift. Hillarious
@cameronrohani omg :D...ok I'll be adding this in there.
Genius idea and use of Teespring Stores, @nicholassheriff. πŸ‘
@rrhoover Ha thanks Ryan when this started going viral on twitter moments and Adobe's actual blog post announcing the campaign, only to be littered with comments from people wanting to buy the tshirts, and their priceless response was that is was only a "marketing campaign"....while also saying select enterprise customers would actually be getting some was really cheeky. lol I knew then that was unacceptable, so I put on my cape and got to work. Yeah Tesspring made this all possible in hours lol and the domain cost me $1.
@edinvejzovic Type this coupon code in "ADOBE" - $7 off expires tomorrow :D you're welcome.
Yeah, i think only a handful of people would get the joke - everyone else would just see a real nasty looking T shirt - should make one for the iPhone mockup with the female hand and the super mega glossy nails - yuk ! i see it everywhere
@marktmcewan Everyone I showed this post to laughed their ass off. At least it's worthy when you look in the mirror, makes your day. And to not understand this, you'd have to be cut out of internet for the last 20 years, or be a complete and utter idiot.
@edinvejzovic I'd love the one with the guy pressing the glass - you know the one, like he is in Minority Report but instead of solving pre crime he is fudging about with a shite pie chart !lol
@marktmcewan Lol, that's just beatifull !