Stickerit - Make Stickers

Personalised sticker packs for iMessage, Telegram & WhatsApp

Create unique stickers and export them to the different messengers. It's very easy to use - just choose a photo, cut a sticker and start using it in iMessage or export to WhatsApp or Telegram.

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Nice app, but change the name dude
There already is an app with the same name: Sticker Studio for WhatsApp by @svenvdz — not cool to use it. :(
@igamesdev I just tested out the app and its great - I have a couple of suggestions: 1. it would be good to be able to change the colour of the line when you are cutting out a photo as it's not possible to see it if you have a photo with a white background 2. I would love to have the option to have the ability to add text in a specific hex value 3. in a future version being able to choose the colour of the outline for the sticker would be good 4. it would also be great to choose the resolution of the export as if these were able to be large high quality exports it would make it really helpful for adding to things like YouTube thumbnails and is much faster and easier to use than other apps.
@krishnade Hi! Thanks for your feedback. I appreciate it! It's pleasure for me that you liked it! 1 and 3. I already had thoughts about those improvements and it's in my backlog. 2. The second one I would like to do properly, as I want it to feel natural of adding any text. I will have to think about UX for a bit. 4. I didn't think about that option at all as never realised it can be used in this way. That's a great learning, thank you! I might add options for export to Photo album. Those are great suggestions, thanks!! P.S. Currently working on seamless experience for Telegram as it's a bit annoying to use bot all the time for adding stickers.
@igamesdev Saving to my camera roll or Dropbox is what I tend to do - or email content to myself when I create images, screenshots or gifs as I tend to add them to other content! Yes take a look at many of the big YouTubers - many are using cutouts of themselves that they are probably creating in Photoshop or having someone else create for theri custom thumbnails. Delighted the suggestions were of assistance and message me if you have any questions re the suggestions I made or if you need beta testers. Happy to help.
@igamesdev Great to see the latest update and that we can now see the cutting line on the white background of content. I can see the emoji icon when I have selected the area I want to make a sticker but it does not seem to get added to the sticker if I click on an emoji? I wonder what I am doing wrong?
@krishnade Hi Krishna! Thank you! That's actually not to add an emoji to the sticker but just to associate that sticker to the chosen emoji for messengers. For example, in Telegram when you put an emoji it will show suggested stickers for it. Please, feel free to join TestFlight for beta releases -
@igamesdev Ah thanks for explaining the emoji feature Looking forward to joining you on Testflight!
Hey Product Hunt, I would like you to try this App and give me honest feedback. 😃 Will answer all your questions!