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Just for Windows 😒
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@douglasevaristo I see the demand is huge - we will definitely come back to PH with Mac version implemented!
@douglasevaristo Personally, it's kind of nice to see "Just for Windows" when so very, very many Hunted products are for Apple devices only. Anyhoo, cool that they're going cross-platform as quickly as possible!
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Hey all, my name is Sasha and I'm the maker of StepShot (thanks @bramk for hunting!). Our short story: StepShot allows very quick and seamless capturing of user clicks into nicely styled screenshot-based step-by-step guides. It takes only a few minutes to create a production ready one. Afterwards guides can be exported into PDF, Word, HTML, XML or published to Sharepoint, Confluence, WordPress. Guys, we would be happy to hear your thoughts and ideas. And of course - there is a special offer for Product Hunt users! Cheers!
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Could you please share some examples of what this creates? I tried finding on the site but all I could see where the case studies that explain why it's good, but didn't show the end result.
@guy Hi Guy! Thank you for the idea, actually. We've quickly created a page with the output examples. Please have a look here - Now plan to add it to our website. :)
@olga_reminna what I would really rather have (tho the examples are great) is a quick video demo of the tool in action. That would sell me a whole lot more than ("Would like to see that in action? Any specific inquires? Just leave us your contact information and we will be happy to schedule a demo call with you!") requesting a demo.
@planetmitch We do have feature-specific videos on Features page - If you saw them, then I assume you are writing about the video with voice instructions going through the whole procedure of screenshots capturing, editing, exporting and publishing. Is it correct?
@ceo_converge love such comments :)
Waiting for a mac version! :)
Personally a big fan of Gyazo for quick screenshots and Snagit for longer videos.
@nwkwan Hi Nick! These tools are indeed good for screenshots. However, StepShot isn't about screenshots only. It is about documentation, based on screenshots. StepShot brings value for those who have to document procedures of 10+ screens. In this case, it can save up to 80% time, giving the possibility not only to capture clicks automatically but also grab the instructions text (e.g. "Click on button "Add" in the "Settings" window"), edit the images, export final documents and publish them to the portals. Here are a few case studies -