Helps you become more confident and comfortable in social situations.

We do that by helping you find relevant challenges to confront social situations, and step by step increase your confidence.

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A few weeks back, Rikke & Fabian came by my office to show me this thing they where working on: Steps. An app that, by completing small challenges, helps people overcome social anxiety. It's been absolutely heartwarming to see these two amazing people bring this little tool into the world. It is everything I love about tech; genuinely useful, approachable, humorous and good natured. Give them all the likes and shares you can on their launch day and together we can take the first step to help people overcome social anxiety ❤️
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Thanks for the hunt @flarup! And hello everybody! We’re more than excited to be launching on PH today 🚀 Let’s introduce you to Steps. Steps is an app helping you overcome social anxiety using exposure therapy. Unfortunately social anxiety is a highly underrated mental health issue, too seldomly addressed in society leading to a lack of awareness. But also for the ones who are aware of their mental health issues, can be hard to get treatment. Doing things you are afraid of to overcome fear, is a known therapy method called exposure therapy. And it’s proven to be the most efficient way to overcome social anxiety. The app offers you a variety of challenges in curated sets, such creating friendships and handling rejection. Steps is built with the vision to make mental health care accessible and help people overcome social anxiety. You can read more about Steps and future plans here: Can’t wait to hear your thoughts and feedback, we’ll be here to answer questions all day! 👋 Fabian & Rikke
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@fabianehlert hey Fabian, awesome app and love the vision. Curious to see how you plan to promote the app to those who are suffering from severe social anxiety. Do you plan to have the app "prescribed" by mental health providers? Having previously worked with vets suffering from PTSD, it can be a huge challenge to take that first step to want to work on overcoming something as paralyzing as social anxiety.
@hienlam1 Hi, we know it's not easy to get through all the regulations in order to be able to actually prescribe the app. It's also not our main focus right now to make this happen but we still like to work closely with experts from the field to lower the entry hurdle and make it easier to get started.
@fabianehlert Would love to see this on Windows Phone :D
Android app planned ?
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Hi @_benju_ I really hope so, I'm an Android user myself! But as we're only a team of two it might not happen in a near future, but fingers crossed 😊
@rikkekoblauch @_benju_ Great! Look forward to a Android release :)
@rikkekoblauch Would be nice to setup an email notification update when the Android version is out
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Congratulation for your launch! What i love about this is all in your vision: "make mental health care accessible and help people overcome social anxiety". It is surprising how little has been done to leverage technology and good design when it comes to mental health. Actually, what happens is usually the opposite: technology driving anxiety and stress. But it doesn't have to be like this. Our phones are in many ways our little personal helpers in our pocket. They are personal in ways other technologies cannot be. They know many things about us, even more than our family or friends. The ability to use all this power to help us is something that requires thoughtful design and a strong passion for the problem at hand. Looking at your app I feel that's exactly what you have. A few questions: - What's next for steps? where do you see this going after "challenges"? - Who has been using it so far? do you have any findings already about the improvements it generates? - How does it fit with the "established" best practices and the support of a therapist? good luck!
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@stefanozorzi thanks for your comment - we think there is still a lot to be done in this space! - Next bigger step is work out the reflection part of exposure therapy, so about your expectations leading up to a challenge, how it actually went and how you feel after. - We've had a public beta live for about a month with more than a 150 users, from that we gathered a lot of insights and shipped about 3 versions after the first. A lot of our users has a lot of ideas for features and challenges, most of them have or will be implemented! - This is something we're talking about a lot - can steps support the relationship between you and your therapist and help you do "homework"? That is for sure a the dream. Thanks Stefano, means a lot!
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The most humble but talented team. Been part of the beta and love it! How do you plan to build on the categories of challenges? Can see obvious opportunities for things like dating.
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@carlmartin aww Carl, stop it! You're not the first one asking for a dating challenge pack, it's for sure on our list! We're also looking into a family pack, so small things to do for or with your family. What do you think?