Step Two for Mac

Simple two-step verification for Mac

Step Two is a beautiful, modern two-step verification app — now available on the Mac.
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Neil Sardesai
iOS Developer
Hey PH! I’m back again. About a year ago, after being frustrated by all the two-step verification apps out there, I decided to build my own two-step verification app called Step Two for iOS (, and one of the top feature requests was a Mac version. So almost 1 year later, I’m really excited to announce that Step Two is now available as a native app on the Mac. It’s got all the same features as the iOS version, including: • iCloud sync • Search (surprisingly, most two-step verification apps don’t have this basic feature) • Works with most online accounts that use two-step verification, like Google, Amazon, Twitter, etc. • A gorgeous UI • Dutch, French, German, and (Simplified/Traditional) Chinese translations But since it’s a native app, it’s also got all the features you’d expect from a proper Mac app, including: • Dark mode • Accent colors • Drag and drop • Keyboard shortcuts • Super speedy • Doesn’t use up all your RAM Like the iOS version, Step Two is free for up to 10 accounts, and it’s a one-time in-app purchase to remove the 10 account limit. Please let me know if you have any feedback or questions!
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Best 2FA app. iCloud Sync is great.


Great Design iCloud Sync Multiplatform



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