Step Two

Simple two-step verification

Step Two is a simple, beautiful, and accessible two-step verification app for iPhone and iPad.



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Rami Debab@sapragus · I write code and design stuff.
I love the design of the app (i'm using Google Authenticator and it's hideous). It would be very handy to have an Apple Watch app, i hate having to grab my phone for this :(
Alex Zamai@alexzamai · Aspired Python developer
@sapragus Great UI! Feel really modern and polished. Currently I'm using the lastPass auth, because it backups and has approvals via push notifications. I wish they would bought your app an integrate their push notifications/approval mechasm there..
Neil SardesaiMaker@neilsardesai · iOS Developer
@sapragus an Apple Watch app is on my todo list for upcoming features :)
Rami Debab@sapragus · I write code and design stuff.
@neilsardesai Fantastic ! can't wait for this, i just removed Google Authenticator from my phone in favor of this. Setup worked flawlessly (auto QR and manual) i'm keeping it
Neil SardesaiMaker@neilsardesai · iOS Developer
Hey PH! (First time posting here so I hope I’m doing this right). After being frustrated with a lot of the two-step verification apps out there because of things like poor UIs, lack of backups, etc., I decided to make my own two-step verification app. After working on it for 6 months, I’m really excited to finally release my two-step verification app, Step Two, on the App Store. A few of the features in Step Two: - Uses iCloud to automatically back up your two-step codes and make them available on all your devices. - Lets you search for your accounts (this seems obvious, but some of the most popular two-step verification apps don’t have search). - Supports iOS accessibility features like Smart Invert, Dynamic Type, and VoiceOver. - Works with most online accounts that use two-step verification, like Google, Amazon, Twitter, etc. - This one’s subjective, but I’d like to say the UI is pretty nice. Let me know if you have any feedback or questions!
Nate Davis@nate_davis · Data Driven Designer
@neilsardesai UI/UX is fantastic! Love how it is simple and updated to match iOS 11 and performs extremely smooth, like butter. I could play with the copy interaction when you tap on a 2FA card all day!
Neil SardesaiMaker@neilsardesai · iOS Developer
@nate_davis Haha I spent a good bit of time getting the haptic effect to sync with the bounce animation there :)
Lucas@pluslucas_ · Aspiring UI/UX designer
Looks gorgeous! - An Android user
Ayush Chandra@ayush_chandra · Research Intern & Tech Evangelist
Great job!! Could this be integrated to web browser such as google chrome or on Windows ,this is cool innovation
Neil SardesaiMaker@neilsardesai · iOS Developer
@ayush_chandra Thanks! My next major platform goal is watchOS, but we’ll see what happens after that 👀.
Wesley Forlines@wesleyforlines · Maker at FormFunc.
This looks gorgeous and the fact that it has any features at all is super exciting. If there is an Apple Watch version that would seriously be the killer app that would get me to buy one.
Neil SardesaiMaker@neilsardesai · iOS Developer
@wesleyforlines Actively working on an Apple Watch version. Can’t say anything about when it’ll be out, but it’s happening!