Laptop charging cord with a plug that glows near outlets

Stella incorporates the very best parts of existing power cords - a stylish cloth cover, great flexibility, and built-in cord management features. However, we couldn't resist taking it to the next level, so we designed a plug that can sense nearby outlets and illuminate. It's fun during the day and kinda amazing at night.

How close do you have to be for it to glow and how does this even work, @psidentity? 🤔
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@rrhoover Great questions! Stella is able to sense weak electrical fields surrounding an outlet. Activation distance varies by outlet type, and is typically within a few inches.
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Thanks for checking out Stella! I'll be hanging around for a bit. Comments and questions are welcome!
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This is genius. Where has this been my whole life?
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Under-rated feature right here:
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Just take my money already! YAAAAAS!
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