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Hey everyone, I'm Nick, the co-founder of Steady. My wife Irina and I designed and developed this app. We use it every day to set goals and improve our habits. We'd love to hear any feedback or comments anyone has!
Hi, everyone! I'm Irina - co-founder and designer of Steady Calendar. Try the app, tell us what you think. Would love to hear your thoughts! And thanks so much for upvoting:)
Well-designed calendar for setting goals and building habits. I'm using it as a tool to help me write more blog posts.
Really effect. So far its help me keep track of several tasks (i.e. reading, gym, writing etc). Are you planning on introducing any additional features down the line?
@anthony_stylianou Hi! Thanks for your comment. Yes we are working on several new features at the moment: a more detailed statistics screen, better sharing options and a few other features that we would like to keep a secret for the time being:) Feel free to propose new features that you personally may find useful - we want to make the app as effective as possible for everyone.
@irina_manning Thanks for the response. It appears you already have it in the roadmap to come, but I was going to feedback the following; including a shared goal/task so you can build habits with other people.
@anthony_stylianou Yes! Sharing calendars with groups and significant others is one of the main features we are working on. But shhhh - it's a secret;);) Thanks so much for your feedback!
@irina_manning Please add a note taking feature to this amazing app. This is how I visualize it. A long press (more than 3 secs) on a day on the calendar would open up a box that gives the user the option to enter a note for that particular day.
@lyricyst_ That's great feedback and a fantastic feature idea! Thanks so much! I am including it in my list of features to implement asap:)
Looks like a great way to keep track of your sex life. Thanks for making this!
and that gives me an idea; the calendars should be 'shareable' so that couples/friends keep themselves accountable. i.e. you both have to 'opt-in' to get a checkmark. 💰
and that has gamification potential! people can set rules for what happens if for example, you go to the gym and the other person doesn't