Medium-term housing for nomads and travelers ๐Ÿ 

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Stayawhile just announced $1.5M in funding from NEA, Founders Fund, and Global Founders Capital to offer housing to people looking for something longer than Airbnb but shorter than typical 1 year leases. I have teammates and friends that have been looking for a solution like this and it fits with the growing popularity of nomad living and a younger generation of non-home buyers (because of avocados, right?). While more convenient to move into a furnished home, it's very expensive at $1k/week and up (granted, in some of the most expensive cities in the world such as SF and NY). Is there a path to making this more affordable, @JanineYorio? I'm also curious to hear @levelsio's POV on this.
@rrhoover ๐Ÿฅ‘ also check out Flip for long term sublets. They're coming off of a $2.2 m raise.
Proud investor ๐Ÿ˜‰
@cyantist Awesome investor.
$1,000 a week? Maybe I can afford that when I've got $1.5m in funding for my startup. Or I should stop eating avocados and spend on accommodation instead... :P
@aftabarab We don't sell shovels anymore, we focus purely on avocados. These kinds of living spaces that provide people with the option to move from state to state hassle-free are essential in the post-ownership consumer economy. It's a luxury which is becoming more accessible to the masses and it's going to be incredibly empowering for people to have that added mobility.
@aftabarab I hear you loud and clear. Our vision is to bring the cost down over time by finding Stayawhile locations in less expensive neighborhoods and in buildings that are more modest, but we are launching as a premium product. We're just getting started, and I will keep you (and others like you) in mind as we evolve. Thanks so much for the feedback.
@jevlon Love this quote: "It's going to be incredibly empowering for people to have that added mobility."
@rrhoover Thanks for posting about Stayawhile. Our overarching, long-term goal has always been to enable a mainstream audience to live a lifestyle once reserved for the super rich. Although the product is not exactly "affordable" today, it is a lot less expensive than garden-variety corporate housing (which usually costs $6000/month or more) or hotels. We made the decision to start with a premium product in full-service buildings so that we can deliver a flawless experience even before we have the infrastructure to service the apartments ourselves. It is ABSOLUTELY our vision to bring this lifestyle to a mainstream audience through value engineering. We'll get there. We're just getting started!
Go @JanineYorio and team! This is a solution I've been looking for forever
@edwardlando @janineyorio excited to watch you build this, Janine!