The affordable status page

#3 Product of the DaySeptember 30, 2017

Statusy is an affordable hosted status page for your SaaS product or internal infrastructure. Many of the features offered in their cheapest plan costs 5x as much with other providers.

George Jipa
Ricardo N Feliciano
  • Ricardo N Feliciano
    Ricardo N FelicianoCircleCI Developer Advocate, US Navy Vet

    They don't overcharge for what should be a seemingly cheap product to host.


    Could use integrations with other products. They have an API though.

    Statusy is great, though a newcomer into the market compared to the big boys. They take advantage of their smaller size however by providing a lot of very personal customer support.

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Great stuff. This is so important to ensure that user experience is not affected when your website (or services such as an API) go down. I've relied on blogs previously, but this looks so much nicer.
@theashtube interesting tool!
Hey guys! I'm one of the founders at Statusy, really happy to see everybody checking it out :) I'll try to follow up on any questions / comments, feel free to ping me directly if you want to know more. EDIT: Also, feel free to use promo code PRODUCTHUNT for $5 off.
I was waiting for somebody to do this. Seems like an easy sell to people and businesses that want but don't want to pay their prices. Clean and simple design. Nice job.
@joshuapinter That was what we thought originally as well. The value prop for just isn't there in our opinion so we wanted to make something that had a more reasonable price for start ups, small projects and the like.
I would say good job not ripping people off but that shouldn't be something we have to try and avoid ourselves from doing.