Monitor status updates from apps, APIs, and services.

StatusTicker allows you to follow and monitor the statuses of your most critical services, all in one place. Use your Ticker on a screen in your office, and get real-time notifications sent to you and your team by email, SMS, Slack, and webhook.

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Hey, Adam here. I made StatusTicker to scratch our own itch at work, and I hope it helps you out too. I was tired of managing RSS feeds or Twitter follows to stay in the loop if a service was down. Worse, some apps don't have any way to subscribe to their status updates aside from just visiting the status page. StatusTicker aims to keep you informed all in one place. As of writing there's over 130 different web apps, SaaS platforms, APIs, and other services that you can get real-time status updates about where they are having problems, completely down, or doing just fine. If you subscribe to the Pro version you can also tap into real-time notifications via email, SMS, Slack, or webhook. No more checking pages or managing feed subscriptions: just use StatusTicker. Thanks!
@hotmeteor Login via Github not working. Laravel. Nicceeee.... Thanks
@hotmeteor FYI: Facebook login callback doesn't work. But after I refresh the page I am in the setup :). BTW, a great app with a Nice UI.
@dilusha Sorry gents, had a little glitch with a login notification. Should be fixed now. Thanks for letting me know!
Great job !! Does it have a free version can we still get emails or I mean how we are gonna get informed about the crash or something in the app ? 😊
@ayush_chandra Hey Ayush. All notifications are part of the Pro plan. One way we use it is by keeping our Ticker open on a separate screen or monitor so it's always visible.
Gone are the days where you had to roll your own status tracker, or check each one individually. This is great!
Nice! Would love to see an open API so we can add our own services easily. Also did you think about making the ticker page public or shareable?
@samuelroy_ Hey Samuel! Yep, both of those things are on the roadmap. Thanks for the feedback.
@samuelroy_ Hi again Samuel. I've just updated StatusTicker so all Tickers are now public. I'll probably add a "Private" option going forward, but hope that helps.