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I've built this because I needed something that was easy to use and hassle-free to host somewhere. Cachet (open source/host yourself) and StatusPage.io (paid service/hosting for you) are great alternatives if your are looking for a more full-fledged alternative.
@got_nil very cool...yes something that I've never really had the budget to pay for so I've been looking for a free alternative for a while.
This is a nice alternative to Cachet (full disclosure, I make Cachet) https://cachethq.io, for those who aren't looking for to run PHP.
This is so thoughtful, even though it is manual, it seems super simple
@ravivyas84 Maybe there's a way to automate that the easy way using travis builds. There's an open issue for that by @captn3m0 here https://github.com/pyupio/status....
@got_nil true, but this is super quick. Specially useful when your service is down and you don't have the time to integrate other services.
Such a simple design and I love how easy it is to use! Definitely going to use this with my next app.
Just a question is it possible since it is a Linux script to detect if the internet goes down in our office? I think that would be a good "status" to show. Also maybe hook up a Raspberry Pi to our front door to show what time our office is open :)