Visualize interesting stats about web pages and websites

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View beautiful statistics about web pages and websites, with insights such as the following:

• Internal and outbound links

• Most frequent words

• Key phrases

• Total word count

• Most frequent pages

• And more...

Statsify is available in three formats: a website, a chrome extension, and a free API.

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Alan Bi
Alan BiMaker@alanbi · Student interested in computer science
Hi Product Hunt! I'm a high school senior passionate about CS, here with my first-ever product launch. I created Statsify to build upon my programming knowledge and also to create a fun tool to help me learn more about the sites that I visit. I'm hoping that some of you will also find Statsify useful. Please let me know if you have any questions or feedback!
Dawid Andrzejewski
Dawid AndrzejewskiPro@dawid_andrzejewski · Founder and CEO at Bootstrap Shuffle
@alanbi it shows for my page: "Robots are restricted from accessing this page.". What does it mean? My robots.txt doesn't block bots. I use cloudflare for load balancing, maybe them?
Alan Bi
Alan BiMaker@alanbi · Student interested in computer science
@dawid_andrzejewski If you're referring to, I'm getting the same error too; thanks for bringing that to my attention. It looks like just typing in or works but not with the https. I'll try to look into this to see if I can fix it.
Phillip Hui Bon Hoa
Phillip Hui Bon Hoa@phillip_hbh · Founder @AbacusGrowth, HQ @DormRoomFund
Nice work. Design looks good. V. impressive for a high school student.
Alan Bi
Alan BiMaker@alanbi · Student interested in computer science
@phillip_hbh Thanks so much!
John Hudson
John Hudson@hudson228john · web designer
This will be quite useful tool for me! I have several websites and now I want to start monetize the most successful news website. I will follow these tips and I think I will succeed!
Sila Craih
Sila Craih@sila_craih
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