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Upload static HTML pages to WordPress websites 🚀

#2 Product of the DayApril 10, 2019
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Static Pages allows you to publish any static page on a WordPress website with any URL in a matter of seconds. And it is perfect for SEO. ⚡️
Do you want to improve sales by adding a beautiful landing page for your existing shop? Then Static Pages is for you.
Victor Zhang
Andrew Laurentiu
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Andrian Valeanu
Andrian ValeanuMakerPro@andrianv · Web designer and indie maker💡. 🇲🇩<->🇪🇸
Hello Product Hunters! 👋 The Designmodo team is here with a new product! We are excited to launch Static Pages, a simple WordPress plugin for people who want to upload static websites to a WordPress environment. This plugin comes free for Slides and Startup customers. — ❓Problem People love static websites; sometimes it's necessary to use WordPress and static landing pages together. So, how do you do this? How do you avoid broken URLs and WordPress conflicts? Our old response to these questions was to hire a coder to do it for you, or spend some time to do the setup by yourself... That sounds less than ideal. 🙁 💡Solution A WordPress plugin which resolves those problems for you. Static Pages helps you add a static webpage directly to your WordPress website in a few seconds. Just choose the static page archive, click upload and write the URL. 🤩 So simple? Yes! Don’t believe it? Watch this short video. 📝 Suggestions 🙏 We’d love to get some feedback and we're happy to answer questions! 😃 - Designmodo Team.
Andrew Laurentiu
Andrew Laurentiu@andrew_laurentiu · Founder
Amazing product. I better world is possible where non technical people can have a WordPress admin experience and developers can work on plain-old-simple static sites. This is a great marriage between a CMS and a static site. I'll be watching you grow. Great work and I'll try your product soon!
Jay Holtslander
Jay Holtslander@j_holtslander
I like it *but* the subscription model sucks. Makes this basically just an expensive part of the sales funnel for Designmodo's other products. Would be totally willing to pay $49 as a one time purchase standalone product. Or more for an Agency license for use on unlimited websites.
Sergey Shmidt
Sergey ShmidtMakerHiring@monstercritic1
@j_holtslander You can do that, though. Purchase and cancel the subscription. Unfortunately, in this case, you will not receive any updates of the plugin in the future.
Jay Holtslander
Jay Holtslander@j_holtslander
@monstercritic1 Having a plugin on client sites that will be perpetually flagged as out of date and needing an update is fairly unappealing (Even if it receives just a readme.txt change every 12 months that'd be enough to flag it.)
Joel Runyon
Joel Runyon@joelrunyon · Founder, Impossible X
@j_holtslander thought this was pricy too because i thought it was a monthly fee - but as a yearly fee - it's what - 5x more expensive than the domain name? but probably more useful?
Chris Germano
Chris Germano@chris_germano · Software Developer and Game Designer
This directly solves a problem I face with some frequency. While not applicable to any of my current work, I will bookmark this for future reference. Thanks!
Phil Landry
Phil Landry@landryphil · What fills you in? Land.
Really sweet!