Stash of List is a curated list of useful tools

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This has gone too far. Shut it down. 😝
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@rrhoover :D hope all curated list & stash will be launched in stashoflist from now onwards (H)
@rrhoover didn't Panda build something like The Stacks? :P
@ahmetsulek @rrhoover yeah, I was just subtly saying that it's not on the 'related products' list.. I don't know where to suggest it so 😅
@ambonium @rrhoover PH became an ocean, I'm not surprised that it's lost :) @mods URL
I think you'll find you're missing one of the best ones...and the second to be launched... MINE 😉 Marketing Stack To see all the Stash/Stack sites you can also check out @bramk's collection
@bentossell what did you mean ?
@anushbmx I mean mine wasnt included in this site... and some would say maybe it should be with over 3k+ upvotes
@bentossell just checkit out marketingstack is already added
@salman57sk1 I looked, I saw it but no tagline... and then when I click, this happens May be a bug :)
@bentossell actually I was updating the site and I have no clue that it's been hunting now! please check it right now
Stash of List is a curated directory of all stash & lists (inspired by Startup Stash, Marketing stack, etc..). I saw many types of curated directories popping out in almost every day and I like them all but it's not easy to remember all these names so initially, I started stashoflist for using myself, and then I thought it will be cool if I share this with the product hunters and go public. and thanks @erictwillis for hunting Stash of List
@salman57sk1 @erictwillis it now just shows this on the landing page...
@bentossell Everything is fixed now and thank you for this mention
nice work @salman57sk1 .. I tried to suggest to the email on the site but it bounced :-( Anyway, check out some of my PH stash sites.. - Theme discovery & curation platform (design) - The best of frontend development & design (development) Hopefully you can add them.. and I've added Stash of List to our "curations list":
@carolskelly sure will do it
@carolskelly sure will do
A stash stash. We need enough of these to be made so we can have a stash stash stash
@brandonbailey we already have at least 2 of them: :)