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RIP Pocket.
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Hello Product Hunt, and thanks to @robjama for hunting us! We built Stash with the idea that there’s a lot of content on the web that we want to save, but current save-for-later services focus mainly on articles. There are also the songs we find on Soundcloud, the places we want to eat at on Yelp, the books we want to read on Goodreads - just to name a few. We wanted to build one place to store all of that information, while effortlessly keeping it organized. Using Stash, users are able to save links from anywhere - whether it’s from a browser, while using other apps, or through a built-in search + add mechanism. In the process, we also wanted to to solve a lot of long-overdue problems with current bookmarking solutions. These include: - Having tools like reminders and digests to help us actually go to back to the content that we save - The ability to quickly push a link from one device to another (between Desktop, iOS and, yes, Android) - The ability to quickly share content with anyone without having to draft a new email We’d love to hear what you think!
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@rahul_shah I really like this: "Having tools like reminders and digests to help us actually go to back to the content that we save"
@rahul_shah Great product. This could easily replace Evernote and Instapaper for me, which I've been using since about 2008. Would love to test this out thanks
@susan_beebe Thanks Susan! Great to hear it. Send us an email at and we'll help you out.
@rahul_shah @robjama I don't know how I missed this for 4 months! Exactly what I've been looking for. Could replace a whole slew of apps for me. I may finally get over my sadness from the demise of Kifi. Can't wait to try Stash!
This is fantastic! You've thought of everything! Love it. It would be cool if "Song" became a playlist in the app, "Article" a read mode (with dark/light theme's), "Images" a collection of all the images, "Movie" a collection of posters etc. etc.
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I like the contextual tagging. With Pocket I always forget what my own tag labels are, making it hard to find content later
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First, let me say I love the service - I've only been using it less than an hour, and it may already be replacing pocket (and possibly even pushbullet) for me. The ease of migration was phenomenal - well done! Now, on to the sad part. In the browser the fonts of the UI are too small. I have a 15.4 inch 1920x1080 Laptop, nothing special, but the text of the UI is VERY small. I have decent eye-sight - as a web developer my sublime text font is set to one below the default setting, my phone is set to use the smallest font for it's UI - the problem isn't my eyes, it's the teeny tiny fontsize used here. If I zoom the browser tab to 125% it makes everything comfortable again. Other suggestions for improvement of this amazing (free) service: - Colour code the "type" labels etc, and match them to the filters on the right - the icons communicate the link type really well, but there is a visual disconnect from the "Types" filter on the right. Colour coding them to match would greatly improve this. Say image is a green type, "Image on imgur" would have "Image" in green. It's subtle, but it helps. - Display images for image links. Rather than the image logo, show the image, or the first image, on the page. Same with videos. Most video sites - youtube and vimeo for certain - provide a means to grab the still thumbnail of an image. It would be awesome if this was displayed alongside the link entry. In fact you could do this for most pages. Most blogs and sites now include Facebook OG Meta Tags for their pages, so you could display them with the icon overlayed to indicate the type of link entry that is being shown. Thanks for developing a phenomenal service, and congratulations on the successful launch!
@jsnfwlr Thanks for the excellent feedback - we also got your email - we'll follow up via email and take all of this into account in our next feature build.
@jsnfwlr Hi Jason, we pushed an update to Stash a few day ago to make fonts a much more reasonable size. Let us know what you think!