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Varun Bagga
@varunbagga8 · Co-founder, StartupYar
@ganserene Right now, we are focusing on creating/curating content and getting users. Although, we have some monetization models like Affiliate & direct ads for featured brands.
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Ben Tossell
@bentossell · Community Lead, Product Hunt
Hey @varunbagga8 - we have seen the revival of curation of the internet with these type of sites. Obviously http://startupstash.com/ is the OG of these from @bramk .... With my marketingstack.io following - although in a different direction. This seems the same angle as Startup Stash so can you tell us how it differs?
Varun Bagga
@varunbagga8 · Co-founder, StartupYar
Hey Product Hunters, I am Varun - co-founder at StartupYar StartupYar is a platform for start-up enthusiastic/entrepreneurs that constitutes the best hand-picked tools in different categories required to build/run a startup. Categories we’re talking about selecting name for start-up, getting hosting solution, designing wire-frames, getting early users, mar… See more
Sandra Nam
@snambomb · Product Lead, Google
Hey there - we're Product Hunt buddies today and I was checking our your site. Any chance you'd consider including Primer under Marketing? We had startups in mind when we made the app...
Rudi MK
IMHO, having in-depth reviews for tools is a great way to go about things, and will help people make better decisions, picking the best tools for the job at hand. Great stuff!
Ashish Walia
@ashishw203 · Co-founder, LawTrades #500Strong
Love the name lol