A rolodex for the global startup community.

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This has potential but doesn't have a solid user base yet. Basically, it categorizes people into 3 categories (development, design, and business) and asks you to join your local startup community.
In theory I like the idea of a social network for startup folks but it feels to broad. It's unclear to me what StartupSocial will provide that I don't get elsewhere (e.g. Twitter/Quibb/Product Hunt for socializing with startup folks, Startup Digest/Eventbrite/Meetup for events) The photo/video sharing piece is similar to Teamstory (cc'ing the founder, @dh9kim).
Thanks @rrhoover for the mention. That's a fair point that you brought out. It's interesting because StartupSocial is taking a slight different approach to this. They're connecting people within certain communities whereas Teamstory is connecting every entrepreneur or startup regardless of their local/regional community. We thought about taking the same approach as StartupSocial but this would go against why we created this platform in the first place. We believe that startups are still isolated even in these local startup communities. There are still a big disconnect in the global startup community. We're connecting with entrepreneurs from little island off of Spain, Japan, Singapore, Netherlands and so on. We're learning about how each entrepreneur and startups are coping with their work and life. We're learning about cool stuff they're building. But most of all, we're learning about the people behind of it all. It is certain that Twitter, Quibb and these events are a great place to share your startup products. But if you get on Teamstory, you'll see that the messaging is quite different. On existing SNS, if I share about something I'm doing as an entrepreneur, my friends won't give a crap. But on Teamstory, people feel it and talk about it since we're all on the same page. What are your thoughts?
Yes, StartupSocial's core focus is different than Teamstory. My point is that IMHO, the product feels unfocused. It provides a lot of functionality that is offered elsewhere on other services.