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#1 Product of the DayOctober 20, 2015
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For a startup founder the only way to succeed is to be able to learn faster than anyone else.You need to have the best knowledge and tools, but also the most efficient learning process. That's why we've built Startupkit. Give it a try, and let us know what you think.
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@vladstan Noticed that from the main page of the site, link to was broken.
@autiomaa Thanks for letting me know. Solved now.
I like the idea of tools that help founders level up, so kudos on that. For me though, looking at the landing page, it's hard to place my finger on the value? It seems the value is curated knowledge (heads up about existing blog posts and other resources?) and the community? If that's the case then I don't see how this provides much value over curating a good Twitter feed & joining an existing Slack community. Not trying to have a dig, just curious to see the benefits here.
@fredrivett @sphmrs There are 3 main parts of the process: 1. The discovery process: Agree, you can find great content on twitter, but you can't rely on random content. Your needs are specific. You need someone to organize all the content and deliver it to you exactly when you need it. Even more, this is an ongoing process. 2. The learning process Once you know what to learn, you need someone to help you accelerate this process and optimize your time. For example, when you have 20 min, you can read a 15 min article, so we will tell you that. Also reading is not learning. We have a lot of insights and tips on how to improve your learning process. For example: taking notes, reminders, and ask yourself a lot of questions. This is still work in progress, so be kind with us :) 3. Peer 2 peer learning Of course you can join large communities on slack, but it’s super hard to find someone at your stage dealing with exactly the same problem as you. So we connect you with other founders at the same stage and invite you to join small learning groups. For the moment this feature is available only in case you will buy the 1yr subscription. But we work hard to improve this as well. I hope it makes sense to you guys. Please let me know what you think.
@fredrivett I agree that the landing page is a bit light on the benefit. There is an abundance of help for the self-taught entrepreneur. So much so, that it can be overwhelming. I think the landing page needs something to really compel me to sign up for the trial. Otherwise, it becomes a bookmark for eventually.
@vladstan @fredrivett Are there better ways to communicate how the value of the community comes into play here? I'm not sure I understand how this is going to help me as a founder, and it may even feel like I'm signing up and paying for something with very few people in the community (chicken/egg problem). Maybe an anecdote, or perhaps a step-by-step example?
@vladstan Hey Vlad, thanks so much for taking the time to reply. I agree there's a benefit to curating content and organising it for sure. For me, as someone who gets a lot of useful content via Twitter & Medium already, the benefit seems minimal, more of a nice to have rather than a burning need. From my experience of Slack groups I've not found it hard to connect with those who are at a similar stage to me, but I can see how invite only small learning groups could be useful. For me, as someone embarking on bootstrapping a startup on the side, I feel like the needs here are met in my existing setup (as described above). I could see this being a cool free tool, but based on the details given I don't see enough value to warrant payment for me just now. Others will likely find more benefit though, so all the best with it, and congrats again on launching v2 👍
@fredrivett @lindsey_io @someear @sphmrs actually our main focus is on the learning process. Maybe we don't know yet how to explain it, but this is where I see the most value. The illusion of competence is the biggest trap for a startup founder. Read about this here: ​ Most of the people just scan the articles and they think they got it. And I know few people with an efficient learning process in place. You need to take notes, to explain it to others, to ask yourself a lot of questions, to act based on the knowledge. And as you can see this is a complex process. What we want to do is to assist you on this process.
Interesting pivot of Startupkit, from tools to knowledge - @vladstan can tell you more!
@bramk Thanks for the hunt, dude! Appreciate it. Kudos from the team!
@vladstan I like the ease of learning. Is there a way to connect with other people that use the app?😀
@dredurr Yes, this is the idea. For the moment you can connect only with other people reading the same articles or using the same tools. But we want to create a new experience for group learning. Still WIP.
Will sign up right away, looks promising and could be really useful !
@jeremybdk Thanks man! Let me know what you think.