Startup Santa

Free presents for your team. Delivered by Startup Santa.

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If you guys know @joeycofone and @adamkornfield you would not be surprised by how awesome and legit this is. I even like the music! Christmas in August, yesss!!!
@chasethetruth Chase, thanks man!
Presents? From Santa??????????? Yes please :)
@iangelidaki We thought you might agree! HO HO HO
Lol, what presents should we expect, @joeycofone? While I appreciate the mystery, it feels kind of shady, tbh. ๐Ÿ˜€
@rrhoover Nothing like a little shady Xmas in August. :D
@rrhoover I think that depends on if you were naughty or nice right? I'm expecting coal, maybe Joal the lump of coal.
@rrhoover But doesn't the fact that it appears shady make you want to sign-up even more? It worked for me!
Stumbled across this yesterday and thought 1) cool! 2) I love presents 3) I want to meet Startup Santa in the flesh. I added Treatings to the nice list and quickly got a response. Check it out.
What's the catch :/
@ambonium No catch whatsoever. Free stuff, fun times. Can't ask for more than that. ;)