StartUp Podcast Season 2

Following Dating Ring, a YC company run by 2 young women

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YES! StartUp is my favorite new podcast (it's better than Serial, @imconnieq). @abexlumberg - I'm excited to hear the origin and backstory of other startups (in this case, The Dating Ring). How did you decide on which startup to follow?
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@imconnieq @abexlumberg @rrhoover For season 2, we chose Dating Ring because of, first and foremost, the founders' willingness to be honest and transparent, their particular struggles in fundraising, the relatable but often frustrating industry they're in (i.e. dating), and the fact that in many ways, they're outsiders in Silicon Valley, as non-techie women.
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@lisaechow I like that direction. Are you planning to encourage more interaction and collaboration with listeners? Maybe even livestream "behind the scenes" content?
@imconnieq @abexlumberg @rrhoover This is great, and thanks for sharing. I agree with @rrhoover that a more interactive experience will be more exciting. And I am sure I am not the only one that have some questions regarding to each session. Communication makes me feel the platform personal and open, just like here.
@rrhoover better than SERIAL? Time to fire up this podcast.
cannot WAIT to listen to this :) @laurenikay can you tell us a bit about what it was like to be featured on Startup Season 2? P.S. for more Gimlet, I interviewed them for our podcast:
@eriktorenberg Sure! First - Emma & I are huge NPR fans, so getting asked to be the second season was sort of like being 5 and getting asked to be a Power Ranger. We're thrilled that we get to work with a team of such amazing producers. We really loved the first season of StartUp, and can't wait to hear the second. This first episode was a total surprise to us - it was compiled after dozens and dozens of hours of interviews - and it was so fun to hear! Second - it's tough! We've really put everything out there, and it's an incredibly anxiety-inducing experience. We're really hoping that people can empathize with us, and will feel better about themselves & and their own startups. Usually, you only hear about the 1% of startups who are 'killing it' so we hope Gimlet's really honest portrayal of startup life will be helpful - business wise and emotionally - for other founders on the struggle bus of startup life.
Love love love this! Season 1 was epic to say the least - excited for season 2!
...and a NY startup! Can't wait to listen.
I binge listened to StartUp a few months back and was hooked quite quickly... Having been at TWiT a little while now, hearing what it's like getting off the ground, and going for a completely different style is very interesting. I think this is the first audio-only podcast I've really listened to in a long time, and I've also just started listening to reply all. @abexlumberg & @lisaechow - will there still be regular updates on Gimlet's progress? Will we get to hear more from the investors?
@abexlumberg @jsneedles We'll be including Gimlet updates at the end of season 2 episodes. There's one in episode 1, for example. Tune in!