StartUp is my favorite new podcast series. So good. In previous seasons, they went deep into two companies: Gimlet (their own startup) and the Dating Ring. This time they're covering multiple startups. @abexlumberg / @mlieber -- please let us know if we can help with anything! 🙏
It took me far too long to listen to the whole StartUp Podcasts (both seasons) - I seemed to dip in and out, which isn't great at all. But a few weeks ago I went to Mallorca and blasted through it all. Was awesome, and I'm fresh and ready for Season 3 💁
I have a feeling this season is going to hit very close to home for me, but I'm still excited to listen. The struggle is real. Tried to find an appropriate GIF for my comment and came across this amazingness:
I'm excited for this new season. @101cebrai87 and @abexlumberg work well together to tell a story. It'll be interesting to hear multiple stories over the course of the season 😌
I've been waiting for season 3 to come out for a while now! I got so excited when they released the season 3 teaser haha, great move. Also stoked to hear @justinkan on the podcast, he's been really active lately.