StartUp - Pitch Perfect 2

Gimlet decides to raise a Series A

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@abexlumberg & @mlieber - Listening to the startup podcast led me to quit my job last year and co-found my own company. I'm now just about to start my second company, with the first continuing to grow and turn over 6 figures. You don't just produce a podcast, you've changed so many peoples lives by giving them confidence to take a risk and try something new. So in short, thanks!
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@robbyedesign that is so awesome. Go crush it, dude :-)
"Gimlet is growing fast. We have four shows on the air, and several others in pre-production. If we want to grow faster, though, we could use some more cash. Matt and Alex head back into the world of venture capital, deciding whether or not to raise another round of financing, this time, much bigger." "'$5 million sounds like a lot of money... Connect those dots for me.'" - Chris Sacca, Investor
Love it!
The call with @sacca was cool to hear. Feels easy to get caught up in the excitement of a significant valuation, so it's important that he continually focuses on the simple, important details to running the business.