Startup Logo Archive

The original logos your favourite startups launched with

#2 Product of the DayJanuary 13, 2018

Startup Logo Archive is a gallery of original launch logos your favourite startups went to market with.

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interesting, but very few logos
@edwardvasquezdr Hey Edward, thanks for you input. It was surprising when I was researching this, many of the most popular startups haven't changed their logo at all or very little. YouTube is an example for one, they pretty much have the same logo they launched with. I guess with this I wanted to showcase the ones that changed dramatically : )
@mmm Wow! You're right. Thanks for pointing that out : )
Awesome, very nostalgic. Would be cool to see a side by side with the current logo
I love these! I like how the Firefox logo was apparently a goose.
@frantzlight Ha ha yeah Dragon Goose! : )
@frantzlight @craigjbarber When it first came out, it was called Phoenix, then Firebird, then settled on Firefox; hence the logo :)
Interesting! Crazy to see how far these logos have come. (Thank goodness they have..)
@ggarnhart That's it hey, comforting to see they didn't nail it right off the bat really. Iterate. Iterate. Iterate.
What can we do to get Amazon to replace their hideous a-z smile with this original?
@wesleyforlines Ha ha... you can sort of see where they were going with their first one. Amazon river right up the middle I guess.