Startup List

Curated list of resources to build your next startup

Startup List provides curated list of products and resources to build your next unicorn startup. The products are organized using categories. You can view all the products for a particular category.
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Will you increase number of products in each category in future ?
@hammad_akbar Yes. We will increase number of products for each category soon.
Great tool. How do we add new products? Wanted to add my product ( to the list.
@kush_apoorva Fill the form at the top. I will add it. For now it is manually curated.
Awesome! I love this. I've always wanted to have an early stage startup resource sheet handy :)
Thankyou for your valuable feedback ! :)
I like the name
Thanks Nick :)
@ivirajanchan who can submit a product? I love the simplicity
@michael_andreuzza For now list is manually curated. Fill the form at the top and we will update the list