Startup Law Dictionary

Meanings and definitions of startup terminology.

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Niv Dror@nivo0o0 · Writer/Social Editor @ProductHunt
Raad Ahmed ⚔@r44d · Founder/CEO, LawTrades
thanks for the hunt! This was a little side project we were working on to help founders quickly understand startup law terminologies. We'll keep updating this list as we go :)
ronsheridan@ronsheridan · co-founder, Pree.it
Smart resource. Glad to see it. I am guessing there are others..
Curtis Christopher Wragg X@ccwraggii · #CorporateYoda #SincereHeadway
resources, upon resources...
Sathya Narayanan@sathya_narayanan
nice!! but clicking on "yield" is showing the glossary for warrant :) probably a small bug?!
Ashish Walia@ashishw203 · Co-founder, LawTrades #500Strong
@sathya_narayanan Thanks for spotting that - will get that fixed.
Sathya Narayanan@sathya_narayanan
@ashishw203 np. Thanks :)