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#1 Product of the WeekSeptember 12, 2018

Startup Jobs helps you find a job you'll love at the fastest growing startups worldwide.

Search through 10,000s of up-to-date job openings at 1,000s of startups. Filter by tag, seniority, time commitment, and more.

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Excited to share Startup Jobs with the PH community! 🙌 Startup Jobs is a search engine for startup jobs. Every day we crawl 1.000's of startup sites to check for new job openings. At any given time we list around 35,000 job openings ranging from junior designer jobs to startups looking for a CTO. There's a powerful Algolia-powered search engine which lets you find exactly the job that fits you. Some example searches: The site might look familiar to some. About two years ago I started jobs section on BetaList called BetaList Jobs. It seemed like a good way to kickstart a job board and add an additional revenue model. Since then I've made a lot of improvements. The site now feels grown up enough to warrant its own brand so I've recently decided to spin it off into its own brand. Some of the updates include:
  • Improved design that's also optimised for mobile
  • Better performance (faster front-end and back-end)
  • Job collections ( )
  • Saved searches / email alerts (in beta)
Shout out to @levelsio for sharing everything he learned building Remote OK, the WIP community for their feedback, Algolia for powering the blazing fast search, @RPISH for taking care of BetaList so I could focus my efforts on Startup Jobs, and all the Startup Jobs customers for enabling me to bootstrap the business. Looking forward to your feedback!
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How are you separate "startup company" and regular company? I see on your site the company Is it still a startup?
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@ol_podol Good question. I use a broad definition of startup. In the future I'll add a filter so you can choose to just see early-stage, late-stage, etc.
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If I search for jobs in Detroit MI it suggests jobs that are 4 hours away in Toronto.


Looks nice


No distance filter

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Thanks for the review Jake. If it cannot find any jobs in the selected city it will try to show the nearest jobs instead. I will clarify that on the site.
Hey Marc, job boards are quite an interesting business model. Good job! 👍😊 Similarweb says you are getting quite a bit of search traffic already. How did you manage to rank it this well?
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@tillrahn The site was hosted on a different domain until recently. So the reason you see a traffic jump from zero to something in a short amount of time is because that's when I switched the site to the new domain. In reality it took about two years to grow the site to where it is today. Unfortunately there are no short cuts.
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@marckohlbrugge Ah, so you were able to port the Google cred (DA or whatever) to the new domain then... May I ask how many paid job posts you get? And how you handle the tradeoff between scraping all the jobs and thus posting them for free vs the paid posts?
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@tillrahn Yeah I'm using 301 redirects so I keep the 'SEO juice' I built on on the previous URLs. To answer your second question: paid job posts rank higher. Long-term I plan to mimic Google Search's model where we aim to include all relevant content, but display paid posts more prominently.
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Strong domain name, @marckohlbrugge. How'd you get it?
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@rrhoover Thanks, I'm very happy I was able to acquire it. It was being used by another job board, but I noticed their site hadn't been updated in a while so I offered to buy it for a reasonable price. Besides it being memorable and giving immediate 'weight' to the brand, my hope was that it would also help me rank for the search term "startup jobs". It seems to be working as it's already included on the first Google SERP for most people. Hoping to be neighbours soon (AngelList has a very solid #1 spot.)
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@marckohlbrugge smart move! How much did you pay (if you feel comfortable sharing)?
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@rrhoover I'd rather not share that at this point. Perhaps someday :)
@marckohlbrugge 100% a-ok! 😃
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@rrhoover @marckohlbrugge let's rephrase this: did you feel comfortable paying the price? What factors do you take into account when you buy / register an account name. You already mentioned branding and SEO ranking. Are there any other things?
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