Startup Framework WP

Startup Framework for WordPress

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Exciting, but gotta say worrisome that the mobile site had overlapping text on my iphone when I clicked through from mobile mail earlier.
Hi all, thanks for posting our new project here on Product Hunt. If you have some questions or suggestions, write here in the comments!
@andrianv It looks really cool. The editing tools are nice but I'm not sure to understand the pricing. It says $149 / year when you add the Startup Framework for Wordpress in your cart. Does it mean it's a yearly subscription?
@syswarren yes, it's yearly subscription for updates and support. But you can continue use the theme.
@andrianv but it won't be renewed automatically, right? Thanks for your answer :)
@syswarren you can leave it for auto-renew, or you can cancel after purchase.
@andrianv Cool! Thanks. You did an awesome work on the editor. It's impressive.