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Ever play the "what if" game with your numbers? Wonder what your MRR would be in 12 months if you could just reduce churn by 1%? What if you grew 15% month-over-month? The Baremetrics Revenue Forecaster can tell you just that. :) It's free for everyone and you don't need a Baremetrics account. We built it because playing the "what if" game can be really valuable for goal planning. So, we wanted to make that accessible to everyone.
@Shpigford This is really great, Josh. Such a clearly useful, powerful feature.
@danielzarick Thanks so much Daniel!
@Shpigford Awesome tool, thanks Josh!
This is pretty great - I've been trying to impart on some people the importance of some of these values and this is a very intuitive way to grapple with them. Well done!
@mbuckbee Agreed. Many people simply don't understand the destructive nature of churn. Even just a few % change in this number over a period of time can completely change the trajectory of a company/product.
Mixergy has been a Baremetrics user for a few months. This 'what if' analysis is cool, but what's even cooler is the dashboard they give you when you sign up. You can see a demo. Josh publishes his company's actual numbers in the demo on
@andrewwarner Thanks Andrew!
Instead of providing a dollar growth figure, doesn't it make more sense to provide monthly percentage increase? I.E. we grow 15% per month?
@johnny5sf Toggle the "Growth Type" :) As for it making more sense...not necessarily. % growth is rarely sustainable for long periods of time. Linear growth is generally much more accurate/reasonable over time.
Sounds rad. Now I just need one for Shopify/ecommerce...