Startup Emails

Responsive HTML email templates for startups


Vladislav Arbatov
@vladzima · Founder http://en.arb.digital
$49 for 12 templates for a single project, while you can purchase a template with unlimited usage and visual editor with building blocks (equals dozens of variations) on Themeforest for ~$20, also responsive, ready for Mailchimp etc. Great deal indeed.
Zach Tratar
@zachtratar · Zach Tratar
Unfortunately, I expect email templates like this to be free nowadays.
Csaba Kissi
@csaba_kissi · Developer & maker of Hunter Analysis
Hi Hunters, Million thanks, Andrew @andrewett for hunting Startup Emails. If you ever try to code HTML emails you've probably noticed that it isn't easy at all. You have to fight with almost 30 different major email clients. Startup Emails is a collection of 12 beautifully designed HTML Email templates that are fully responsive and compatible with all ma… See more
Jordan Humphreys
@spaceprovided · CEO, Screenbeacon
Niranjan Sukumaran
@niranjan_sukumaran · Engineering, Glynk
Can we try out these emails before buying it?