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maybe one day I will make a site that curates all of the sites that curate something for startups or designers. Seriously though...There are so many sites like this I don't really see any new value there.
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@rasmus1610 I'm pretty sure someone did that already, and it was posted here.
@ghromis it was posted here, and I also have a curated collection of curated collections on product hunt.
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it was more meant like a sarcastic joke :D
@scottruona You can also add this in the collection https://www.producthunt.com/post...
Thank you @keyul for hunting Startup Collections. Startup Collections provides resources and tools for entrepreneurs, designers, developers and marketers to help them save time, energy and money. I was making lists for myself to use on my own side-projects or to build MVPs to test some ideas. Then I decided to categorize the tools and make a website to help other people to start their own projects right away. I know there are multiple curated listing sites out there. I just wanted to list my favorite products and expand the categories as much as I can. I really like discovering new products and use them to test some ideas. So maybe, someone can use Startup Collections to find a useful tool for himself/herself and build something valuable for us. I would be really happy if I can help someone in this process with this website. You don't have to take this site too seriously. I am having fun while discovering new products and find ways to use them in a creative way. This site was just a side-project for me. So please have fun and keep building. By the way, if you have any tools or resources for starters, you can submit it from the site and I would love to share it with others. Thanks a lot!
@giray_girisken I feel like sites like this evolved from @betalist @startuplist @startupstash and even @producthunt itself. I seem these curated collections as more of a resume bullet point vs standalone products. Good for people to do, but with so many now, they don't have as much impact as the early versions.
@giray_girisken @keyul This helped me a lot already. Thank you! And don't mind the haters.
@james_osullivan thank you very much!
@bramk you are the inspiration of curated listing products! I love @startupstash. I have discovered great tools from there. I just wanted focus more on tools that can help people to build something quickly and test it. Thank you!
Another great use of the Chipmunk Theme! Good job! :)
In my opinion, if all of those lists included the pricing table of each tool, it would be good.
very useful for entrepreneurs. great work @giray_girisken
@erdeminanc thank you very much!