A big resource for entrepreneurs and startup owners, in which we have collected and analyzed why +100 big companies have failed. Learn from mistakes, and avoid being part of the 90% of businesses that fail.

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Hey everyone! It's Rich, maker of Failory. I have just launched a project I've been working on during the last 6 months called Startup Cemetery. In few words, it is a big resource for entrepreneurs and startup owners, in which I have collected data and analyzed why +100 big companies have failed. I am super enthusiastic and believe in the future this will become bigger and bigger and will be an essential resource for entrepreneurs. If you have any doubts, suggestions or feedback, please let me know by commenting down!
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@clominson Good job Rich on collecting so much data & stats. Love the Surprise Me button :) Would love a sort button. When I selected >$50M, I was wishing it was in descending order of funding but I think the sort button is missing.
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@clominson Brilliant idea Rich.
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@deadcoder0904 That's true! Will try to implement it ;)
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could be instructive. how about a podcast? in each episode (or article), it would be interesting to see one failed startup vs similar one that succeeded, and what they did differently
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@raffasquer Would be really interesting. Currently working on a similar podcast idea though - Interviews with entrepreneurs who've failed but now are successful What do you think?
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@raffasquer @clominson I like the idea but as a counter point, name a successful entrepreneur who hasn't failed 👀
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I've been following @clominson's work with Failory for a while now, and it's been amazing seeing how he's grown the project over the past couple of years. Big thumbs up Rich!
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Thanks a lot @amrkafina for your kind words, seriously! Cool things are coming (a podcast and a community...)!
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Reminded me of Google Cemetery by @naeemol - Great resource notheless
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@naeemol @zaheerbaloch Love Google Cemetery!
One way I have found that Startups fail is by naming themselves after an already popular brand, for instance DC Comics or Marvel
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