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#3 Product of the WeekAugust 01, 2015

  • Henry Robinson
    Henry RobinsonTech Enthusiast

    It's a great idea


    The website has been hacked

    It looks like there is a bad link on Product Hunt. It takes me to a spammy page that starts a "Flash" Download. Obviously don't click on it.

    Henry Robinson has used this product for one day.
  • Saeed Antonio
    Saeed AntonioI'm a nut

    Good Idea



    Redirects me to a random page... Good Idea, but don’t use this link.


    Saeed Antonio has used this product for one day.
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Josh Barkin
Josh Barkin@joshbarkin · Co-founder @
This is great. Snapchat + Git = Get code before it disappears
Hope Atina
Hope Atina@the_onlyhope ·
Marcell@cellus_christie · I help you reach the right ppl 🎯
@joshbarkin genius!
Sophie Le Roy
Sophie Le Roy@sophie_le_roy
This is nice! It makes me think of Idea generation cards which also have a deck to combine different brands and apps: Basically you can shuffle cards of many different themes and associate words to generate ideas. It's a good tool to enhance creativity!
ben Watanabe
ben WatanabeHiring@benwtnb · 96 Problems
Could see this being a fun tool for a hackathon. Have each team come up and hit the spacebar and then have to build something around the combo. Could see a nice slot machine style animation really getting it to "pop," but definitely realize that could be pretty tough to implement and probably not worth the time. Nice fun site! Congrats @MonsterCritic on the simple execution!
Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
"Airbnb + Soundcloud" juuust might work.
Vladimir Kudinov
Vladimir KudinovMaker@stsilent · Product Designer, Entrepreneur
@rrhoover Thanks for adding us Ryan! We hope it's the fun tool to brainstorm some freaky ideas ;)
@stsilent @rrhoover fun indeed, frankly got some lot of laugh
Mike Williams
Mike WilliamsHiring@yoroomie · Building & investing in startups
@rrhoover Studiotime + Soundcloud ;)
Alex J Gerber
Alex J Gerber@alexgerber24
This is awesome! How many different sites is it choosing from currently?