Startup - 16: The Secret Formula

Gimlet Media breaks down how they produce podcasts

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Matt Williamson
Bringing order to chaos.
Gimlet is making a big, expensive bet. The kind of bet that could make or break the company. And it’s a bet that comes down to one factor: What is Gimlet’s competitive advantage? As the company launches its fourth new show, “Surprisingly Awesome,” we take a deep dive in to how the show was made. From the kernel of an idea to the final product. And, along the way, we look at what we believe is Gimlet’s secret formula for making podcasts.
Bryan PostelnekProduct Manager, Angie's List
Not my favorite episode, but was a good listen for behind-the-scenes type of look. :) Understandably, it was heavy on the promotion for Surprisingly Awesome, but I would've loved to have heard how they make Mystery Show, too.
Ryan Hoover
Founder, Product Hunt
I listened to this at the gym a few days ago. Really interesting to hear how the sausage is made but as with @bryanpostelnek, it wasn't my favorite StartUp episode (which is one of my favorite podcasts right now).