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The best resources to start and grow a blog. Home of the free blog setup offer - get your self-hosted blog created for you plus $300 of software included. Featuring case studies of successful bloggers with real traffic, subscriber and revenue numbers.
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Hey everyone! This is my 4th launch in 4 weeks as part of my quarantine productivity efforts! The other 3 were Ultimate Meal Plans Woven Calendar for Remote Work and MoveWell 3.0! I started after putting together a short guide on my site IMPOSSIBLE ( and getting an awesome response. With the push in social media over the past few years - a lot of people think blogging has had it's heyday but if anything - blogging is more important than ever! Youtube, facebook, twitter, and instagram can all take down your content whenever & wherever without you having any say so it's more important than ever to own your own platform. The goal with is to help 10,000 people set up their own blog. We have comprehensive guides & resources to do it yourself, but we've actually set up our own team to help do it for you if you need help! We really want there to be no excuses for why you won't set up your own self-hosted blog and start owning your own platform today. I'd love any feedback you have on guides or resources you'd like to see and if you want to see any featured stories from your favorite blogger - let us know. Thanks!
@joelrunyon Are spots still available?
@cellus_christie yes - you can still sign up!
Hi All, I work with Joel on the start a blog team - just following on from what Joel wrote. Joel created start a blog to help as many people as possible change their live through blogging, as he did. As the name suggests, we're here to help you Start and Grow a successful blog, as well as our free blog start up service we email out in-depth content on: ✍️Getting Started Writing 🧑‍🤝‍🧑Growing an Audience 📤Building an Email List 💰Monetising your Blog As well as in articles and videos with: 📜Case studies & Interviews with Successful Bloggers 🔧Reviews and Information on the Latest and Best Tools I'll be here all day until I fall asleep at my desk ( based in Europe) so if you have any questions, please fire them at me.
@georgejmcooper George has been KILLING it on the site. Excited to get this out there for everyone!
This is awesome!
@joedmarti Thanks Joe!
@joedmarti Thanks for the support Joe!
Does blue host provide CDN service as well?
@lisamillercool most of our users end up using cloudflare for that (it's fast and free)
Nice!! What platform do you recommend we build a blog on? Wordpress? Webflow? Raw HTML?
@austindistel We always recommend Wordpress with a specific stack of plugins for beginners. With more complicated needs and design customisation, we'd recommend Webflow + you have the pre integrated CMS which can be useful in certain situations. Thanks for the message and feel free to reach out to us at if you have any questions or need help with anything blogging 😊
@austindistel Like George said - for most people - we recommend self-hosting wordpress as it gives you the most control. Webflow is interesting and we really like it - but we'd love for them to offer a way to self-host it as well. We'll be reviewing other blogging platforms here going forward - but most writing on the internet is intimidating enough that it's nice there's a simply solution like WP to just get most people started.