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πŸ“’ Warning to the lazy ones out there: THIS TOOL IS GONNA MAKE YOU HELLA EFFECTIVE – STARTING TOMORROW MORNING 🚨 Hey Product Hunters, I have found this awesome product for all incredibly busy teams and the less busy ones too!! I came across StandupMail very recently when I met the founder and "nerd" behind this amazing product, @nerdben. We talked about how everyone is hyping Slack and Hipchat, but that good ol' email is still the #1 proven social network! πŸ“¨ I have to admit, I am currently in three different "work" Slacks with countless channels and I am losing focus of what my team has actually achieved on a given day. I thought I give StandupMail a chance because I didn't need another slackbot or another slack channel ... and what do you know, it completely changed the dynamics of how my team communicates and sets deadlines now. I can only recommend to everyone to check out StandupMail and I hear a wild cat has a surprise for all teams waiting in the comments 😻 P.s.: I wanna thank @bentossell for his assistance. He's a rockstar! How does Product Hunt deal with their massive distributed team?
@mfts0 @bentossell thanks guys for the feature! StandupMail results from my experience in leading teams. Sooner or later two productivity lacks occurred with almost every team: 1. Information asymmetry ("they don't know what the others are doing") 2. Discipline ("they don't stick to the process/tool/rules for a long time") We tried many different tools and processes... but these problems came up over and over again. After having built a prototype for ourselves, we noticed that many other small teams around us share the same problems so we kept shipping 😻 With StandupMail our vision is to help you tackle daily productivity lacks by keeping your team in sync wherever your team mates are and whenever they work. StandupMail is a light-weight and seamlessly integrates with your existing workflow while keeping your team up-to-date with automatically generated multi-source digests (that part is coming soon!).
Excited to share this with my team at #Todoed #Productivity #Team #GTD
@mahantesh19_ Great to hear! Let me know whenever you have any questions, feedback an ideas on how to improve StandupMail!
@nerdben sure! Will be happy to test it out and feedback you! Cheers
@mahantesh19_ Love Todoed! Just wrote you a DM on Twitter πŸ˜€
@nerdben Following it up Ben! Cheers
All i can think of is : Slackbot can easily do this :(. Paying 10 bucks for another platform when a bot can easily do this is just meh .. great product btw
@uxdzen thanks for your feedback! Your statement might be right if you assume Slack is the only tool being used by the team, which from my experience, isn't the case for most teams. Information about accomplishments, todos and problems is usually distributed over Slack, Trello, Github etc. Also, we're pretty good at handling information aggregation for distributed teams in different time zones with different reminder/digest schedulings, which is a quite complex part "under the hood" of our service. Btw. if you click the link above, for you the product will be free ;-)
Awesome tool. Will try out the trial with my team this week. I always like the idea of teams working remotely and this helps a lot.
This is pretty cool. If I understand it right it reminds me a lot about I Done This, maybe except for the additional focus on upcoming tasks. How would you say you're differentiated from their product? The problem for me is that I don't check my email every day, so would easily miss the emails asking what I did. (Our team lives in chat, not email)
@tkrunning Thank you! The fundamental concept is probably pretty close to what I Done This does. However, we're not focused on the "motivation through social interaction" part which seems to be important to them. Instead, we're focused on retrieving the information from the tools/channels already in use, which currently are email, web and chrome and in future will be expanded by Trello, Github, Jira etc. For us it's all about solving the "information asymmetry" problem in the most beautiful way. Also, we're way cheaper ($10/month for 5 members vs. $12.50/user/month for I Done This). I got your second point. Obviously, Slack & Co. will be integrated in future to be used as source for progress updates as well. We started with email because everyone has an email address πŸ˜‰