Stampery for iOS

Certify voice notes, photos or files using the Blockchain

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how defensible/enforcable is that process legally? sometimes i have even difficulties to have lawers to use digital signature instead of paper?
@ourielohayon great question! We say the blockchain gives you 100% truth with 0% trust. What's on the blockchain is valid because it's an immutable ledger and it's all math. There's no jurisprudence on the matter right now, but we are sure it will eventually happen. We have partnered with Marco Santori, one of the most recognized lawyers in the blockchain space, and we are offering legal assistance for our users until the first court case happens. The great thing is that in the future, there will be no need for forensics, since the verification of our proofs can be a machine to machine process!
@licuende @ourielohayon so the problem i would have is that even with your system i could get contested or not claim my case if i was attacked. eg: if i want to use stampery for a real estate inventory or even a patent...
@ourielohayon you could get attacked but the blockchain is probably the biggest form of evidence that humanity has ever seen, so you would be proven right. We have some users using Stampery for both use cases! Really interesting stuff :)
@licuende @ourielohayon yes, one thing is you or blockchain advocates saying it, the other is the law. right now it s not an element that could be considered in a case. if you have please share
@ourielohayon yeah, but in the end it's maths. And it's of course something that can be used as evidence in a court case
Great to see this here!
@kallefreese haha thanks Kalle! Hope everything is going great, take care!
Hola Product Hunt! Luis from Stampery here. Stampery leverages the Bitcoin blockchain to create immutable proofs of existence, integrity and ownership. Today, we're extremely proud to introduce the easiest way of certifying and notarizing data on the go with our iOS app. We just rolled out government ID verification ( so we're ready now to replace notary publics, for example. Any doubts or suggestions are welcome! Thanks :)
I like this approach to using the blockchain to verify emails. Are there any cool uses of your API that you've seen?
@rjun07a Hi Arjun! Thanks! Yeah, we've seen pretty weird uses of our API and our product... I'd say death certificates are the weirdest case, for example :P
@licuende @rjun07a Huh, I was _just_ looking at a reddit post about automatically executing a will with an Ethereum contract
@rjun07a we were at the TechCrunch Battlefield in San Francisco and that was the use case we used for the demo haha I think it's one of the most obvious use cases and we have users doing it