Stampery for Gmail

Gmail + Blockchain = 1-Click Agreements & Certified Tracking

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Hey hunters, Luis from Stampery here. We consider ourselves to be the 21st century notary, and we believe that not only brick and mortar wills or oaths should be authenticated - but every email, every document and every creation. Blockchain technology is reducing friction in business purposes, and that's why we're integrating Stampery where most of business is done: email. Just install our extension and start getting rid of contracts thanks to our 1-click agreements, and track all your emails in real time Thanks a lot!! 🚀🚀
I love it. I can get OKs from stakeholders as a natural conclusion from an email briefing. I can also check with reliability if they've opened any of my emails too. There's room for improvement but I see potential all the way along the blockchain.
@mordodemaru thanks a lot Mordo! 🙌