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#3 Product of the DayApril 12, 2020
Stacks is an easy to use task manager that helps to organize your tasks in an elegant and intuitive way. Using a kanban paradigm for managing your projects Stacks offers a flexible and visual way to organize tasks with ease.
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What’s better about it than Trello?
@keepaustinaj That's just what I was gonna ask.
@keepaustinaj indeed. It was the first question that came to my mind! It looks like Stacks has a bunch of useful features built-in, which on Trello you'd need the "Power-Ups" (which are limited for free accounts). However, I'd love to hear form the maker what are his points, what's his vision for the product and the business, and why he made it in the first place. :) In anyway, I liked the clean design.
@keepaustinaj Stacks has most of Trello's premium features for free and it runs on your computer instead of some server. Your data is safe and you can do whatever you want with it
@itsirc Oh I dig that! Downloading now. Any collaboration features? My wife & I share some Trello boards.
UI definitely looks clean.. just not sure why we need several versions of the same products that already exist. Why wouldn't someone just use Trello which is already trusted and loved by many?
@noahraskin_ You use trello and that its.
I can't find any privacy policy on app site
@mertnuhuz1 thanks for pointing it out. Just fixed it 👍
In similar software The most important option I am looking for iCloud Drive, Dropbox, Google Drive The safest is your own cloud.
For those asking why is it better than Trello? - task due dates - task progress - time logging - task location - desktop app - ~~it's open source~~ - you own the data and don't need a subscription to use your data (it's free) - markdown support Great job on this, dev! Update: I confirmed with Cris (the maker) and at the moment, it is not open source.
@happygezim open source seems to be the biggest upside. but if youre already tied into the atlassian ecosystem, i doubt this is worth using. also, is there no mobile app? that seems like a big miss.
@happygezim how is it open source? Having an empty GitHub repo with no source code and no license in it does not make it open source.
My bad. There was a few mentions of “open-source” in general terms, GitHub link, and Patreon so I assumed it was OSS.
I confirmed with Cris (the maker) and at the moment, it is not open source.