Machine Learning platform in-browser, for creators

#2 Product of the DayApril 09, 2019
StackML helps makers of all kinds to use state of the art machine learning models in the browser. It's a no code platform which requires zero setup.
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Hi everyone, StackML is a platform to use machine learning models in-browser. Reasons we built this tool: There are different type of makers who want to use machine learning in their apps. But face lots of hurdles like infrastructure setup, lack of AI expertise, server cost, etc. We want to help creators of all kinds to start building and using machine learning models in their apps in the simplest way. With StackML they require zero coding, no AI expertise, no server cost as models re built in-browser. With StackML javascript library people can use state of the art machine learning models in their apps with few lines of code. Also, StackML is completely free. Would love to hear your thoughts!
@neetusingh1791 Hi Neetu, Just a quick question can we use StackML to detect face and then create face filters like snapchat?
@neetusingh1791, your product is a direct and blatant copy of Runway (, where you are a registered user in the private beta by the way. You even copied the same text from the tutorials (example reference:! This violates Product Hunt's Terms of Service. It's great having more people joining the discussion about enabling ML for creators, but perhaps instead of lifting the entire UI and documentation from another team, consider how you can engage with the creative & accessible AI community in a more productive way.
Hey @c_valenzuelab, StackML is a (web-app) to train & use ML models in-browser, whereas Runway is a (desktop application) which runs with the help of docker. I don't see any similarity here. We just keep a tap of all the products in our space & get inspiration. Also, as I checked I got beta access for Runway just a week ago.
@aneesh_rayancha Yes, you can use it using one of our pre-trained model Face Landmark with the help of StackML library. Let me know if you have any other queries. You can email me at
Hi @neetusingh1791, Came across this exciting web-app. Just had a quick question, is there a phase where we can test the features provided by the StackML javascript library, for the compatibility with our native application, before actually integrating them?
@ranjan4816 You can test the pre-trained as well as custom models in the dashboard itself, before using it in your application. Also, if you can share, I am interested to know about your use case.
@kkkosariya So the use case of our app is to basically provide access to only authorised personals for sign-in/sign-out to our work-space, based on face detection.
Incredible platform to empower makers! Looking forward to trialing it πŸ‘
@lachlankirkwood Thanks! Also, may I know what is your use case for using StackML?
like this app.
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