A workout tracker actually worth using

Thanks for the feature Gareth! And thanks everyone for their interest in Stacked! I'm 100% committed to making Stacked THE premier app for all of us that take our fitness seriously, so what you're downloading is only the beginning. That means that you'll be receiving regular, updated builds that will fix bugs, and improve existing features and functionalities and introduce new ones. So, if there's anything that you don't like about the app or would like to see, please do let me know. Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated.
@muscleforlife No problem! Like I've said, I'm a big fan of your books, they have made a massive difference to my health, so if your app can specifically help implement the workouts and eating plans you promote, that will be useful. I have a couple of suggestions after testing out the app. It might be good if you could add in the macro calculator that you have on your site ( Also, maybe look at integrations with the likes of MyFitnessPal and Apple's HealthKit so that the user's current weight and macros are synced. Other than that, it looks good! Looking forward to seeing it develop.
@garethafuller I'm really glad to hear that. :-) Yessir, a whole diet section of the app is coming, but first I'm working on fixing various bugs and implementing some improvements that will address the majority of people's initial complaints/requests. Trust me, in a few months, this thing is going to shine, and by the end of the year, it's going to best-in-class.
A workout progress and planning app from Mike Mathews (the best selling fitness author of Bigger Leaner Stronger). If the app is as good as the book and helps implement the techniques and workouts that Mike teaches, this will be a great app. I'm looking forward to trying it out with my next workout. 💪
Looks really nice, but I can't put a UK number into the "Send Download Link" field?. Is it a US only app?
@nagra__ I'm in the UK and was able to download it through the App Store link.
Expected release date for Android?
@wesleywilson Android development will start later this year, so I'd think a Q3/4 release is realistic.