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Stack Exchange just launched a modern "resume" for developers, presented as a timeline of accomplishments and launches. Makes a ton of sense for their recruiting-driven business model. More in their blog post. I'm surprised GitHub doesn't have something like this.
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@rrhoover > I'm surprised GitHub doesn't have something like this. Funny, that's actually how I use my github's repos list, mentioning what I did in each of my forks' description so it acts as a timeline : https://github.com/oelmekki?tab=... But nobody gets it, so stack overflow could indeed be a better option :D (I love angel list for that, too)
It's a nice new feature of StackOverflow! It's really a modern resume for developers, @rrhoover ! :)
@spolskyIs @rrhoover Is it possible to host Developer Story on your own website or on github pages?
I like it! Reminds me of what we did at Talentbin to automatically create resumes for engineers. You have to search long and hard to find a developer that has their LinkedIn updated.