Stack 2.0

Rapidly stack your notes within a new browser tab.

#5 Product of the DayJune 09, 2017

Stack 2.0 is a Chrome Extension which enables you to rapidly take key-value based notes within a new tab.

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Hi Product Hunt! I'm the creator of Stack. Today I release Stack 2.0 as a Chrome extension. Over the last months, I rethink the idea and concept of Stack. I go away from the writer in the direction of an app that helps you to save your notes without worrying where you save them. Give them a key, add a formatting and find them later. It is as easy as it sounds. The goods thing is that you don't need to register yourself, just install the free Chrome extension and start stacking your notes within a new browser tab. I hope that you like Stack and that you can give me some feedback.
Looks cool! Where are the notes stored? Will they be synced between computers with the same Chrome profile?
@grantgamesgames Thank you! The notes are stored in the built-in Chrome database. Actually not but I will add this feature in future updates :D
I am still obsessed with finding the best note taking app and this looks very promising. I've always thought that the new tab space is highly underutilized. Will you be allowing people to create accounts so notes sync in real-time to your Stack iOS/Mac app? That would be the kicker for me.
@joejlam Thank you for the kind words :). Yes and no. The basics are already done and I "just" need to connect the local database with a database on a server but that comes with a tradeoff. I need to add a subscription or something like that to cover the server costs. The other point is that a sync between multiple different devices is not a trivial task. One of my goals on launching Stack on ProductHunt was to evaluate if that's worth it.
@chryb_ I've a question, why I should move from Bear to Stack?
@sfrnldi That's a good question and the reason for me to rethink the concept of Stack from v1 to v2. The goal of Stack is to save notes as fast a possible without worrying about where you save them. That's possible through the key-value based storage design and that Stack is primarily made for small note fragments. I would not see Stack as a replacement for Bear. For me, if I want to write complex markdown drafts I use Bear (or the Mac version of Stack, which might be overworked as well based on the feedback) but if I want to save a lot of notes that don't have a direct connection to each other (links, random ideas, ...) I use Stack.
This is awesome, an export and import feature would suffice for me syncing