Sqwiggle for iPad

Co-working video chat, now available for iOS

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Played with this yesterday for the first time. It's an awesome addition. I can totally see Sqwiggle replacing the entire phone systems for businesses.
I think it's really ingenious that the video's on my iPad and the text is on my computer. It sounds weird, but it works!
@riaface I agree. Makes it really feel like an always available, everyone present, virtual room.
@jtriest Thanks so much Jonathon, great having you in the room yesterday!!
I've been waiting for Sqwiggle to release an iPad app. Congrats, @tommoor, @mattboyd, @ericbieller, and team. Any plans to turn support screenshare for remote collaboration on designs (e.g. annotate mockups, whiteboard flows)? It could also be used as a wall mounted screen in the office, similar to Perch. Once we find an office, I'm setting this up.
@rrhoover screenshare is high on our roadmap - we'll have top-notch support before the year is out and this will include sharing screen from desktop to iPad :)
@rrhoover we've had a lot of requests for collaboration tools. I work on the API and plan number one is to make the API flexible enough to allow direct collaboration tools/apps to integrate nicely leaving Sqwiggle to do a great job of providing presence. (if anyone wants to integrate and needs help feel free to get directly in touch btw!) but never say never!
@awsmsrc I forgot you had an API. We should brainstorm ways to mashup Sqwiggle and Product Hunt. :)
@rrhoover yeah, I have a few ideas ;) I'm sure we can arrange something!
@rrhoover Thanks Ryan, can't wait to get it setup in your office!
Thanks all! This is very much a first release of the app and is designed to be used in conjunction with the desktop/web version of Sqwiggle for the best experience right now! ;)
I've been an on-and-off again user of Squiggle for a little over a year with my co-founders. When not chatting, the occasional still-shot is engaging without being distracting.
@michaeldick Thanks Michael, let us know if we can help getting you set back up.