We're making fitness FUN with squat for lympo. Just place your phone on the floor or on a table and start squatting. Using computer vision A.I. the app will detect your squats automatically through the front facing camera.

You should be rewarded for exercising. Earn Lympo, a health and fitness cyrptocurrency for doing squats.

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Hi! I'm founder and CEO of OliveX. Our mission is to help people get more active through games. We were inspired by games on the Microsoft kinect and developed computer vision A.I. on mobile so you can play games using the camera on your phone. Lympo squat is a fun exercise game where you'll also get rewarded with real world cryptocurrency to build a healthy habit. I hope you like it and would love to hear your feedback!
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Hi Keith, congrats on the launch! How did you get the O-Lympo-ian to endorse the app? Very impressive! The launching idea is great and I can see that there is a lot of legroom for adding different exercises later to grow the app. My concerns: - Battery power consumption - Abuse (People will of course try to abuse the system if money is involved) - Privacy (Camera recording you squat) Points 2 and 3 are very connected because I can imagine one of the better ways to stop abuse would be to take short recordings of the user for human review that the system is not being juked. This may not be the case of course. EDIT: P.S Your social links on the page are still pointing to Wix.
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@colinwinhall Thanks for the thoughtful feedback and love the pun. =) 1. Battery It's a problem and frankly, we are still working on this. The good thing is that for squats, you only need to open it for short periods of time. It's like a HIIT workout, you don't need to open it for 1 hour. 2. Abuse We developed human pose A.I. that detects your movements using your front facing camera. It uses 17 different points on your body to identify your squats and that makes it harder to cheat. Of course, there are still some edge cases but we believe our A.I. can solve those soon. As we get more data, the more we can identify the "abuse cases". 3. Privacy Yes, you can turn off the camera upload in the settings. We will add more UI to alert and make sure this is happening in the next update. P.S. We've fixed the wix links. Thanks!
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10/10 - I'm down! Do you get more crypto for better quality squats or just for their quantity? 🤔
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@zelena Thanks! Just quantity for now but quality will count in the future.
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I like it! I tried in the gym and people started noticing!! Can't wait for more
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Let's go 🏋 💪
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